Stem Cell Therapy –
An Amazing Gift

Help secure the future health of your children or grandchildren by storing their own stem cells.

Stem cells are at their best the earlier they are stored, that is why some parents opt to store the cells from cord blood during the birthing process.

However, there is now a new way of storing cells, which is the least costly method, and is an entirely non-invasive process. Stem cells can be taken from your child's milk teeth after they have fallen out naturally.

Stem cells have the potential to treat many illnesses and conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Blood vessels
  • Nerve disease
  • Regeneration of brain cells
  • Replacement of bone, cartilage and tissue

These are just a few of the possibilities with many potential new applications being sought.

What an amazing gift to be able to give to someone you love.

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